Here at Restoring Acres, we want to serve the Lord by ministering to the mind, body and spirit of everyone who comes here. We believe they have been called by God to be peacemakers. We have been called by God to serve those who protect this nation, near and far. This includes their families, for they also serve from home.

Lydia also gives riding lessons on the horses. Blaze is the solid back one with a stripe on his face. He was born 1-21-1994. He is trained to ride and drive. So he gets to pull the wagon on occasion and make trash runs to the dump. He was also Lydia's partner at 2 different law enforcement agencies in Ohio.

Pistol is the black and white. Pistol and his sister, Emma Rose (the brown and white), were rescued/adopted after Luke's Grandmother died (Oct. 2013) and left a herd of  about 30+ paint horses. Emma was about 7 months old at the time, and Pistol was almost 2 years. Both are trained to ride, and have started learning driving.

Miss Helen is our much loved and spoiled dog. She is AKC registered Lab, and is 14 this year (2020). She loves going on rides with us, whether on the road or on the trails. She does pretty well, though she is starting to slow down and tire faster. She loves people, and is good with kids and other animals.