Authored by a police  officer, "Restoring Acres" invites you to understand the mind of those who have served in the military and law enforcement. 

     You'll read about real life stories of veterans through the fictional charaters. Join them as they meet fellow veterans, work with and rescue horses, and together find understanding, peace, and love.

     With a foreward written by an Iraq war veteran, and the Intoduction written by a Vietnam Veteran, Restoring Acres has touched lives with it's message of hope and forgiveness. 

     Laugh and cry with the members of the Restoring Acres team as they learn how to be a mounted unit, find love, lose close friends, and gain new ones in the face of tragedy.

    The team faces difficulties with PTSD and overcome it with the help of friends, a young boy and an old Nam vet. Through it all they learn of God's love for them and the forgiveness He offers through His Son, Jesus Christ.

     Find your own inspiration as you connect with the characters on a different level. All are welcome at Restoring Acres.